Is Zantac Safe during pregnancy?

Is Zantac Safe during pregnancy?

Someone of A ask:
I’ve had extremely bad acid reflux for the past couple of weeks. So bad that I can’t even sleep unless I sleep sitting up. I called my midwife and she said I could try Zantac. Has anyone else been told that Zantac is safe during pregnancy?
I wouldn’t even be taking it if it wasn’t so bad. My throat hurts all the time because of the acid. It feel like I can’t even swallow, like the food just sits in my throat! It’s unbearable! I’ve had 3 ulcers, so I’m a little worried about the damage the acid could do to my asophagus.

Someone of B ask:

Hi, I suffer terrible heartburn during the final few months of my pregnancies. I’ve gotten by in my first two with lots of chewable antacids, and Gaviscon at night, although sometimes I’d have to get up multiple times during the night to take more, and still might have breakthrough discomfort.

I’m now pregnant with my third and in my 7th month and having horrible heartburn again, and my doctor told me Zantac was safe to take. I’ve always been hesitant about any meds while pregnant, if not absolutely necessary, so haven’t done it with my other babies. This time I decided to give it a shot, and bought the generic brand (Ramitidine, I think?) at Bartells yesterday. I took one pill around lunchtime, and haven’t suffered ANY heartburn since. Even went to bed without taking antacids and slept SOUNDLY! That is saying something for me at almost 30 weeks along. My hub is not comfortable with me taking a med, however, and would prefer that I find other solutions, saying that there are probably not long-term risk studies in place. Ugh, I see his point, but he doesn’t have to live with the discomfort and sleep disturbances like I do…

Has anyone else used Zantac during pregnancy? What are your thoughts, feelings, and how are your kids that you were pregnant with when taking it? Sorry if this sounds dumb and overly paranoid, I’m just ultra careful with my pregnancies.

Zantac does cross the placenta, but reproductive studies in animals have revealed no adverse effects, according to Briggs’ “Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation” (2001).

In human babies exposed to this drug during all trimesters of pregnancy, there has never been a birth defect or pregnancy loss that could be directly related to the use of this medication.

Zantac (Ranitidine) is an FDA Category B drug, which means that “either animal reproduction studies have not demonstrated a fetal risk but there are no controlled studies in pregnant women or animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect that was not confirmed in controlled studies in women in the first trimester and there is no evidence of a risk in later trimesters.”

It is best to take no medications while pregnant unless the benefit clearly outweighs the risk. As always, please check with your obstetric care provider before you take any medications, prescribed or over-the-counter, during pregnancy or if you are trying to conceive.

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